& mission

To succeed is good,
but to be useful is better!

Gathering, performing, developing, industrialising methods and embracing challenges while preserving the human dimension and valuing commitment.

Industrialise our ability to carry high-tech companies
in the fields of metalworking and its applications far and wide

EFINOR is a structure with a mission, the result of the evolution of the EFINOR Group towards a new format whose strategy is framed by a certain entrepreneurial ethic, and the ambition to contribute to the development of the industrial sector rather than to be an example of it.

By remaining focused on its historical core business, metalworking, EFINOR has become the framework for the development of expertise and projects, where the autonomy of companies is paramount, and where we work to ensure that they can follow the best trajectories.

Our mission

Develop SMEs of value, both for the markets and for their territories, and accompany them towards their change of scale.

EFINOR uses its heritage, its financial capacities and its intangible resources to industrialise the ability to hatch and grow, to accompany market demand, to convince customers and partners and to consolidate employment in the long term, in a new approach to development.

In this way we bring together companies with high potential to whom we impart qualities that are fundamental to their development:

- Capitalising on experience and integrating new technologies to set new standards of excellence and rigour.

-A culture of operational responsiveness thanks to the mastery of processes enriched by listening and a critical approach,

-Foresight and the establishment of mechanisms for innovation.

Modern industry and fundamental human values

To drive its companies to perform, EFINOR embraces the challenges of modern industry and works to make the most of new approaches and technologies, while preserving the human dimension and valuing commitment.

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