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Transforming matter
transforming matter

EFINOR is an industrial group,
framework for the development of expertise and innovation focused on metallurgy and its applications.

Design, manufacture, maintenance

A pool of expert and recognised companies, serving key sectors

Systems and services engineering

The tailor-made answer to your daily operational needs, to your development and investment projects.


- in the Mechanical Engineering, Boilermaking (ESP, Metal Structure, etc.), Piping, Special Tools and Special Machines trades.


- Front and backoffice


- mechanical structure, seismic, piping, ESP, dynamics


- On-site surveys or 3D scanning

- Engineering (studies and calculations)

- Manufacturing

- Installation, testing and commissioning

Industrial electronics and prototyping

The ability to work on all brands and all systems, whether new or obsolete

- Repair / Reconditioning
- Supply of new or used equipment with or without refurbishment
- Refabrication / Prototyping


Programmable Logic Controller
Power supply
Complete machine
Digital control panel
Variable speed drive
Terminal monitor screen
Isolated electronic card

Manufacture and maintenance of storage tanks up to very large dimensions, as well as pressure equipment of all sizes.

A turnkey offer for the manufacture and maintenance of tanks

Vertical cylindrical storage tanks
Pressure vessels
Industrial maintenance
Metalwork (stairs, ladders, railings, wolf jumps, etc.)
Steelwork (skids, shelters, supports, etc.)

Design, manufacture, on-site installation and maintenance of boiler making, piping and special machinery sub-assemblies

Turnkey services with high added value for manufacturers.

Mechanical welding
Industrial maintenance

Design, construction, retrofit and maintenance of aluminium and steel vessels

Quality, reliability and responsiveness for your boats

Ship Design
Manufacturing to drawings

Design, production and marketing of the SURFER crewboat range and the SEA CLEANER multi-service pollution control vessels

Expert shipyard in aluminium construction, producer of specialised professional vessels

EFINOR Allais is a shipyard that designs, manufactures and markets the SURFERS range of high-speed passenger vessels, crewboats that are acclaimed worldwide for their quality and reliability.

EFINOR Sea Cleaner specialises in the design, manufacture and marketing of multi-service pollution control vessels with a unique and innovative patented technology.

7 companies
250+ employees

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Companies serving customers who share a high level of expectations

Our latest news and achievements

EFINOR to exhibit at SEANERGY


EFINOR Sea Cleaner will be at the International Oil Spill Conference in May at New Orleans


EFINOR Ingénierie et Process calculation activities


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