SPILLCON: EFINOR SEA CLEANER teams head for Australia

Efinor Sea Cleaner is gearing up for the international Spillcon trade show in Brisbane in September.

The international conference will bring together environmental players from all over the world, to raise crucial questions about preserving the environment.

This event will bring together local, regional and global environmental and shipping representatives from industry, governmental and non-governmental organizations to provide a means of discussing issues such as causes and prevention, preparedness, response management and environmental problems.

Efinor Sea Cleaner experts will be taking part in the many discussions that will be taking place, and the program is packed. We look forward to seeing you there.

We will be present on the collective stand run by SYCOPOL, an association of international water pollution control professionals.

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Current news :

EFINOR Sea Cleaner will be at the International Oil Spill Conference in May at New Orleans


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