SEANERGY Exhibition: EFINOR exhibits its know-how in the service of MRE

Organised by Bluesign, the Seanergy exhibition is the leading international event dedicated to offshore renewable energy. It will be held in Le Havre from 15 to 17 June 2022.

Among the themes that will be developed are clean energy/renewable energy (offshore wind, tidal energy, marine thermal energy, etc.), decarbonised maritime transport and environmental protection in shipbuilding.


250+ exhibitors from all over the world


Seanergy aims to bring together the various players in the blue growth sector (institutions, contractors, technological experts, subcontractors, etc.) around common fundamental issues.


EFINOR and Marine Renewable Energy


➡ Offshore wind


For over 30 years, Efinor has specialised in the design and manufacture of crewboats through its subsidiary Efinor Allais.


Our expertise has been developed over time to understand all the constraints expressed by our customers, which gave birth to Surfers®.


These ships are designed to carry personnel and small cargo and are capable of operating 360 days a year in all weather conditions.


Our range of crewboats is able to provide efficient transport solutions.


> Full range of monohull crewboats with adaptable, removable and interchangeable fenders to suit the offshore wind turbines being boarded.

> Range of catamarans


➡ Marine energy


The Efinor Group, with its proven know-how in steel construction, assembly, installation and maintenance on site, has been involved in the construction and assembly of turbines and their sheave cans.


We will be present at the SEANERGY exhibition on Wednesday 15 June on the Normandie Maritime stand, our teams are waiting for you!

Surfer crewboat
Surfer crewboat

Current news :

EFINOR Sea Cleaner will be at the International Oil Spill Conference in May at New Orleans


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