Did you know that? (Re)discovering our shipyard know-how

The EFINOR group has a strong maritime identity and has been working in the service of the naval industry since its inception. But it is in 2016 and 2018 that, respectively, the shipyards EFINOR ALLAIS and EFINOR SEA CLEANER joined the group.

With their mastery of aluminum, they design, manufacture and market workboats.

All of the trades are internalized, ensuring responsiveness in the projects entrusted to us: boiler making, mechanics, piping, electricity, electronics, carpentry, painting.

Our workshop capabilities, with direct access to the sea, allow us to build vessels up to approximately 35 meters.

A recognized know-how

Our shipyards maintain a relationship of trust with their customers and work in a spirit of partnership.

The EFINOR ALLAIS shipyard is particularly well known for its ability to design passenger boats; vessels recognized for their great robustness, reliability and comfort. The shipyard develops ranges of professional vessels which are :

  • passenger ships
  • service vessels
  • surveillance or rapid intervention vessels

The EFINOR SEA CLEANER shipyard is specialized in the design of pollution control vessels. More than 120 ships are working all over the world to clean up ports, rivers, seas and oceans.

As a result of extensive R&D work, the boats are equipped with a patented solid and liquid waste recovery system that allows for the simultaneous collection, on the surface, of plastic waste, microplastics and hydrocarbons.

Innovation and eco-design

In the service of innovation and in a permanent quest to work on the eco-design of their vessels, our shipyards are working on more environmentally friendly propulsion systems - electric, hybrid, etc. - in order to fully meet the challenges of decarbonization.

In the service of naval MCO

In addition to our role as a ship designer/manufacturer, we also have a know-how in the service of naval MCO, allowing us to intervene on all types of professional ships for repair and/or modification, taking into account the specific constraints of the customer.

Current news :

EFINOR Sea Cleaner will be at the International Oil Spill Conference in May at New Orleans


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