The EFINOR Allais shipyard is back in contact with its historical client BOURBON.

After more than 30 years of cooperation and more than 200 passenger vessels built, the cooperation between Bourbon Mobility and the EFINOR Allais shipyard is back on track. Bourbon Mobility, the world leader in offshore passenger transport, has placed a new order for several vessels with the shipyard in Cherbourg.

This order, which is highly symbolic for both manufacturers, enables them to relaunch a new partnership agreement in terms of both construction and maintenance/MCO.

"As a reference shipyard in the fast passenger ship market, thanks in particular to an innovative design dedicated to crew comfort and with operational feedback from more than 350 units built for various clients, we are proud to renew our relationship with our historic client and thus perpetuate our know-how in the service of the smooth running of offshore sites", says Fabrice LEPOTIER, Chairman of the EFINOR group.

"With more than 2 million people transported each year, we are pleased to be able to continue to offer them speed, safety and comfort through this new partnership with EFINOR Allais. We want to continue to improve the quality of our service to passengers, in accordance with the BOURBON standard", says François LESLÉ, Managing Director of Bourbon Mobility.

About EFINOR Allais, a subsidiary of the EFINOR group

EFINOR is an industrial group focused on metalworking, organised around complementary and interconnected skills: engineering, manufacturing and maintenance. The group offers a global, tailor-made service, adapted to the needs of its customers. The group is positioned in the large shipbuilding industry, both civil and military, but also in the fast ships and pollution control sector, and can act as a tier 1 subcontractor for prestigious clients or as a direct contact for the shipowner client.

EFINOR Allais is a shipyard that has been building professional aluminium boats for over 30 years. Specialising in the manufacture of fast, light and highly manoeuvrable boats, it has positioned itself as a reference player in the crew boat market by offering a robust and comfortable product for passengers.

About BOURBON Mobility, a BOURBON group company

BOURBON, a major player in the offshore marine services market, offers the most demanding offshore energy producers a wide range of surface and subsea marine services on oil, gas and wind fields. This service offering is supported by a modern, standardised fleet of 458 vessels and over 8,200 highly skilled professionals.

For more than 30 years, Bourbon Mobility has been providing oil majors with ultra-fast transport services for personnel and light cargo over all distances. With more than 2 million passengers transported each year on a fleet of nearly 242 Crewboats, Bourbon Mobility is the world leader in personnel transport in the oil industry, offering its clients a safe, economical and reliable alternative to helicopters.

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