Manufacture of storage tanks for a new fuel depot

EFINOR Mouteau 's teams have recognized expertise in the production of large storage tanks, whether for new builds or maintenance on existing equipment.

On the strength of this expertise, they worked in a consortium with Actemium, Spiecapag and Sethy for the French armed forces' operational energy department in Evreux.

As part of the construction of a new fuel depot on this site, EFINOR Mouteau teams built 6 storage tanks: 4 capacities of 500m3 and 2 capacities of 1000m3.

Special features

The tanks are semi-buried to meet NATO requirements and standards.

This project mobilized some of our teams over a period of almost 10 months. The painting work was carried out in partnership with Lassarat, while our workshop teams manufactured manholes.

Current news :

EFINOR Sea Cleaner will be at the International Oil Spill Conference in May at New Orleans


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