EFINOR, a know-how at the service of MRE.

In the context of the environmental and energy crisis, MRE - Marine Renewable Energy - is a serious alternative to fossil fuels. MREs are energies produced from the marine environment and their potential is colossal.

They have been developing steadily since the early 2000s and take different forms:

Offshore wind energy (sea winds) | Tidal energy (tides) | Wave energy (waves) | Osmotic energy (salinity) ...

The sea currently covers 71% of the world's surface!

Focus on :

  • Offshore wind power

Wind energy transforms the mechanical energy of the wind into electrical energy. At sea, the winds are more frequent, stronger and more regular than on land, so the energy produced is greater.

An offshore wind turbine can be installed in two ways: on a foundation that rests on the seabed, known as a 'land-based' wind turbine, or on a floating foundation that is simply connected to the seabed by anchor lines to hold the whole thing in position, known as a 'floating' wind turbine.

These systems make it possible to gain new space, further offshore, by benefiting from strong and constant marine winds. They also limit the environmental impact: reduced visibility from the coast due to its remoteness, complete dismantling at the end of its life, without any residue on the site.

  • Hydropower

A tidal turbine uses the force of ocean or tidal currents to generate electricity. They can be installed below the surface of the water (usually 30m or 40m below the surface) or on the seabed.

This system has the advantage of being predictable and works in both directions of the tide.

River water turbines are also being developed.

EFINOR: from offshore oil to offshore wind ...

Since 1987, Efinor has specialised in the design and manufacture of crewboats for the offshore oil industry through its subsidiary Efinor Allais.

Our expertise has been developed over time to understand all the constraints expressed by our customers, giving rise to Surfers®.

These ships are designed to carry personnel and small cargo and are capable of operating 360 days a year in all weather conditions.

As the constraints of the offshore oil and gas industry are similar to those of the offshore wind industry, our range of crewboats is able to provide efficient transport solutions.

> Full range of monohull crewboats with adaptable, removable and interchangeable fenders to suit the offshore wind turbines being boarded.

The Efinor Group is also involved in the wind energy sector through the manufacture and maintenance of large-scale metal structures (construction and assembly of turbines, sheave cans).

Current news :

EFINOR Sea Cleaner will be at the International Oil Spill Conference in May at New Orleans


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